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Podcast Production
These days it seems like everyone has a podcast. Trying to develop an audience hungry for your unique voice but lacking the gear and expertise necessary to produce high quality content? Let's collaborate and work towards a professionally produced show that your audience would enjoy. 
Service includes: location recording, editing, and delivery in preferred format.
*Contact to discuss budget and pricing.
Mixing Services
for Musicians
I love mixing. Once the song's been written, recorded, and arranged; It takes a great engineer to elevate a song to it's true potential. Genre is no factor for me; Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Electronic, Classical I've done it all.
Pre-Mastering Mix Samples:
(Hip-Hop) - In the Clouds - Steady Stacking
(Classical) - Debussy II - Jin Kim
So you're finished writing your latest track or you've practiced your music to perfection and you believe it's time for recording. Sometimes studios are hard to get to or the costs are just too high for the budding musician or singer songwriter. Through my location  recording service I bring the studio to you! Let me record and help you produce your tracks, mix, and have them mastered and radio ready. I offer competitive rates to your local recording studio and I'm always willing to make the best accomodations I can for your budget. 


This is a simple overview of the prices I typically offer for these services. I do realize, however,  that each project is unique and comes with unique budget restraints. Please contact me, mentioning which service you'd like for more details and a specific quote. 


Rate: $125 per song w/3 free revisions


*Different rates do apply for full album. Please contact me with the details of your project for an accurate quote 

Mobile Recording:

$45 per hour w/2hr Minimum 

$350 full day rate 

*Service includes mix, mastering, and delivery in prefered format (digital file or CD). 

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