Growing up in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands, a young Louis Robles was known to be carrying  a camera anywhere he could and record almost any song his friends approached him with. Though Louis spent his youth adoring music, film, and photography, the idea that one could make a career in these fields seemed incredibly far-fetched. It wasn't until he left his small Island home for college on the mainland U.S. did he find people whose entire careers were based off of the foundation he unintentionally laid for himself growing up.


During his time in academia Louis explored his passions for music, sound, and the visual arts, and decided to manifest these passions through music composition or visual media. From this point on he began to build a solid foundation in production techniques for music and film audio. His academic environment as well as the many mentors operating in different facets of the music industry have helped him to develop greatly as a young professional.


Louis is a budding vocalist of the tenor range as well as a multi instrumentalist; first formally learning to play the piano at the age of 7 and overtime adding the guitar, bass, and various percussion instruments of Latin, African, and Indian origin to his arsenal. During his time at the illustrious University of North Texas College of Music, Louis was able to explore various genres of music, be exposed to many of the worlds music cultures, and develop new approaches to composition. Through his new-found techniques, tossed in with the impression of his own culture, he aims to create something beautiful, refreshing, innovative, and infectious with every composition.